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High Speed Band Saw

FEATURES: 1.     Enlarged speedrange: 50-5200 ft/min (15-1575m/min). 2.     Infinitelyvariable speed. 3.     Blade welder,grinder and shear are front mounted for quick, accurate blade repair and installation. 4.     Maintenance-freeairpump provides air to remove Chips from the point of cut. 5.     Digital bladespeed indicator. 6.     Blade tensionindicator. 7.     Totally enclosedtransmission. 8.     TEFC 3 phasemotor. 9.     Rip fence isequipped. 10. Heavy duty castiron table. 11. Magnetic, lowvolt controls. 12. Brush forcleaning lower drive wheel. 13. The upper wheelcould be adjusted for band tensioning. 14. Motion of worktable is controlled by stepless speed controller (Hydraulic powered only). 15. Work table withauto stopper (Hydraulic powered only). 16. Work table maytake speedy reverse movement (Hydraulic powered only).

Vertical Band Saw

1.    Standard Features/Accessories: Bladewelder, shear, grinder, work light, blade guides, chip blower, cleaning brush,infinitely variable speed, rubber bonded saw wheels, rip fence, 110 voltcontrol & lighting.   2.    Optional Accessories: CircleCutting Attachment, Miter Gauge

Metal Cutting Band Saw

STANDARD MACHINE FEATURES: 1.        Infinitely variable speed. 2.        The band tension is cushioned. 3.        Blade welder and grinder are front mounted for quick,accurate blade repair and installation. 4.        Interchangeable rubber bonded saw wheels. 5.        Brush for cleaning lower drive wheel. 6.        Manintenance-free airpump provides air to remove chipsfrom the point of cut. 7.        The upper wheel could be adjusted for band tensioning. 8.        Hand wheel controlled speed. 9.        Adjustable saw blade guides. 10.     Machine light isfitted. 11.     Change speedswhile the machine is in operation, without stopping, without pulley changes. 12.     Cast iron frameto minimize machine vibration.